Secondary Program

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Middle school children are involved in a period of more extensive change than at any other time of life. Their physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth and development are rapid. To assist our children in the formulation of new pictures of themselves, Dorseyville Middle School provides exposure to a variety of experiences and ideas. Like all human beings, children need opportunities for power, belonging, freedom, and fun in order to build self-worth and achieve personal success. In our school, content and methods are designed to provide appropriate ways for our children to fulfill these needs. Small groups of teachers and students working together allow students to feel accepted, secure, and nurtured so that learning can take place. Our school also encourages students to develop conviction in their own values, to create plans for achieving realistic goals, and to see themselves as responsible for their actions and the consequences.

Every element of our middle school program has been planned to meet the special needs of the middle school child of today and tomorrow. Although highly organized, the structure encourages the flexibility necessary to maintain excellence in a changing world. The middle school, aided by advanced technology and partnerships with the community, prepares our children to be lifelong learners. During their years at Dorseyville Middle School, our children develop a lasting belief in themselves, the power of learning, and their ability to succeed.


Recognized as one of the premier schools in the nation, Fox Chapel Area High School's program of studies is designed to satisfy the individual needs of a wide range of students in grades nine through twelve, including gifted students and students who require educational support. The flexible block schedule is configured with semester-long courses, similar to the college-semester format, with most major subjects offered five days per week, 80-minutes per class. Additional half-credit elective courses are offered two or three days per week for a semester. Students are required to complete 26 credits to graduate. Each student must also complete a six-hour service learning experience and a graduation project. English as a Second Language is offered for students whose native language is not English.