Walk down the hallways and listen at the doorways. Enter a Web Design or TV Production class in progress. What you will witness is a collaborative spirit that permeates the building and extends to the community at large. With a motto of "Success For ALL Students," Fox Chapel Area High School has transformed its building and its infrastructure in dramatic ways which have impacted student achievement and invigorated the teaching-learning continuum.

Fox Chapel Area has also been at the forefront of progressive educational initiatives. One example of this is the block schedule that has been in place since the 1994-1995 school year. This program is configured as a flexible block schedule with core academic classes offered as semester courses meeting five days per week, 80 minutes per class. Elective courses are offered in multiple manners: as two or three days per week for a semester class or as five days per week for one entire semester session. Students and faculty praise this unique arrangement which allows for a more intense study of subject matter, while not overwhelming students with an unmanageable course load.