About DMS

We believe that your children come to the middle school as special human beings, unique in their own physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development. Therefore, in addition to providing a strong curriculum which stresses academic excellence, we offer programs which enhance self-esteem, foster success, and nurture curiosity.

Working together, the home and school form a strong partnership – with your child's success as our highest priority. We hope the information provided in this handbook assists you in this partnership. Please feel free to contact the school whenever you have a question or concern.

With your help and support we are confident that your child will find Dorseyville Middle School a great place to learn and grow.


Dorseyville Middle School Mission

The mission of Dorseyville Middle School is to provide an instructional environment specially suited to meet the unique needs of the middle school learner. Dorseyville Middle School will:

  • Provide a safe and inviting school environment;
  • Expect academic excellence through differentiated instruction, critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and the application of technology;
  • Use a team approach to promote learning through a smaller learning environment and the integration of subjects in instruction;
  • Provide academic, behavioral, and emotional support;
  • Promote health and wellness for students and staff;
  • Strengthen positive relationships through the core values of Respect, Responsibility, and Integrity;
  • Promote appreciation for the diversity represented in our student body;
  • Provide a smooth transition to and from each grade level; and
  • Involve parents and community members through shared decision-making and leadership.