Ms. Ariel Zych

Ariel Zych 

A graduate of public schools, a former public school teacher, and the parent of a public school student, Ariel Zych says she sought election to the Fox Chapel Area School Board to help support the school district’s success and help ensure that its students have fair and equitable access to a high-quality education.

I ask really good questions, I lead with compassion, and I listen,” says Ms. Zych, who has resided in Fox Chapel Borough for the past five years. “I’m also a very critical consumer of data. I work hard to make sure that the right data inform my decision-making and try to help others to do the same.”

Her hope is to encourage more community members to participate in the district’s annual budget planning process to clarify the relationship between long-term strategic planning and day-to-day spending and operations. Ms. Zych also says she is looking forward to participating in and following through on the resolution passed by the school board in 2020 to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in the district.

“These discussions are nuanced, difficult, and marrying them to action, resources, and the experiences of students in our district takes sustained teamwork performed in good faith,” she says. “We have a great board and strong district leadership, so these goals are achievable.”

She views the teachers and staff members as one of the biggest strengths of the Fox Chapel Area School District.

“We have truly outstanding teachers who are committed to their craft and their students, who innovate, and who consistently deliver on student achievement,” Ms. Zych says. “Our staff works hard and as a team to provide safe and welcoming communities where parents and children feel a sense of belonging and can focus on instruction and learning.”

Another of Ms. Zych’s passions is nonprofit STEM education. Ms. Zych, 37, is director of audience for Science Friday,  a show that airs weekly on public radio stations nationwide. She holds a bachelor’s degree in entomology from Cornell University and a master’s degree in zoology from the University of Florida.

Ms. Zych and her husband, Noah, are the parents of two sons, Tycho, a kindergartner at Fairview Elementary School, and Cyrus, who is 18 months old. A newly adopted dog, Otto, rounds out the Zych family.