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Trio of FCAHS Graduates Named Global Scholars

Three Fox Chapel Area High School 2022 graduates, Justine Eng (Latin), Laura Klamut (German), and Paris Wohlgemuth (German), have been named 2022 Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association (PSMLA) Global Scholars Graduates.  

According to Dr. Jan Hostler Stewart, PSMLA Global Scholars secretary, current global affairs and the access to world news and information show the interconnectedness of countries and reinforce the need for students to become not only globally aware, but globally competent.

“These students have made the conscious effort to broaden their horizons intellectually, inquisitively, socially, and academically, which will aid them in their future endeavors on multiple levels,” she said.

The purpose of the PSMLA Global Scholars program is to provide high school students with the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary studies and activities, to develop global awareness and competency, and to better prepare students for personal and professional success in an increasingly global society. The requirements include successful completion of several academic courses, including levels one through four of a world language; participation in at least four extracurricular activities, including world language or cultural clubs; completion of at least 20 hours of community service (global in nature); and reading and reviewing books pertaining to world languages.