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FCAHS Graduates Place in Mapping Competition

Three Fox Chapel Area High School 2019 graduates placed in the regional Draw the Lines PA spring mapping competition. Rachel Himmel won first place, and Sofia Porter Bacon and Justin Breen were named honorable mention winners in the Youth-West category. Rachel’s map entry will now move on to be judged at the state level.

Draw the Lines PA provides resources, digital tools, and data so that anyone interested can use their free digital mapping tool, DistrictBuilder, to draw their own election maps. Entries were judged on the look of the map; its metrics for factors such as compactness, competitiveness, and county splits; the quality of the accompanying essay; and the amount of outreach that went into the entry. More than 340 entries were received from 29 counties, 21 high schools, and 10 different colleges for the regional contests which were open to adults, college students, and youth from across the state in their regions. Maps were evaluated by members of the project’s three regional steering committees, including former Superior Court Judge Maureen Lally-Green, former state Senator Michael Brubaker and former U.S. Attorney Frederick Thieman.

According to Draw the Lines Project Director Chris Satullo, “Our goal has been to help Pennsylvania voters show that they are ready, willing, and able to play a major role in drawing the state’s election maps for real in 2021.”

The state winners will be announced and honored at an awards ceremony in the State Capitol in Harrisburg September 24.

Draw the Lines PA is a civic education and engagement initiative sponsored by the Committee of Seventy, a nonprofit good government group based in Pennsylvania.