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Video: Fox Chapel Area Fully Online Curriculum

Dear Fox Chapel Area Family,

As indicated in our Wednesday weekly communication, we are sharing a video to provide you more information about our fully online instructional option for the 2020-2021 school year. This video highlights the enhancements and refinements to our fully online curriculum that we have been developing for the upcoming school year. The fully online instructional option will include a consistent and user-friendly online platform; a curriculum taught entirely by Fox Chapel Area teachers; small-group opportunities that include intervention, enrichment, and other support services; a focus on social and emotional learning and support; and continuity of education and a transition plan for returning to the classroom should a student resume in-person instruction.

We hope that this video provides you with additional information as you consider what options may work best for your family for the upcoming school year. We believe our enhanced fully online curriculum is a strong educational option that can meet your family’s needs if you prefer online instruction instead of in-person instruction.

The video can be viewed below this letter.


Mary Catherine Reljac, Ed.D.