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Refresher on Safe2Say Something Program

Given that we have had three non-credible reports of threats regarding the high school over the past few weeks, we want to provide you with a refresher on the state’s Safe2Say Something program. These reports came through Safe2Say.
Safe2Say Something is a program run by the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office that provides a state-mandated anonymous tip line for anyone to report any kind of concern related to school safety. The program also teaches youths and adults how to recognize the warning signs and signals from individuals who may be a threat to themselves or others and to “say something” before it is too late.

Please know that the Fox Chapel Area School District takes each and every Safe2Say Something report seriously. When a report is received, the school district’s school safety and security coordinator notifies school administrators, as well as local law enforcement. The school district’s police force works together with local law enforcement to investigate the claims and determine whether they are credible or non-credible. Searches of the building are conducted and bomb-sniffing dogs are called in, if necessary. The district’s administrators, with the advice of law enforcement, then decide whether to hold classes as scheduled. 

 If classes are held, the district takes additional precautions, such as limiting the number of student entrances at the high school and having additional staff members at those entrances. The number of hall passes issued throughout the day are also restricted so that the high school staff is aware of students’ whereabouts throughout the day. Additional staff members also monitor areas of the school where larger amounts of students congregate.

We will continue to investigate all rumors and tips related to any non-credible reports, and local law enforcement will prosecute anyone who makes a false threat. Please keep in mind, however, that because of the anonymous nature of the state’s Safe2Say program, these investigations take considerable time and manpower. Safe2Say is designed to protect a tipster’s privacy in order to encourage people to not be afraid to report what they may have seen or heard. However, anonymous reporting can complicate investigations of non-credible threats.

Please know that we will continue to notify parents of threats received through Safe2Say. However, we must strike a balance between ensuring students’ safety, yet not disrupting the educational process. We would never jeopardize the security of our students, and the safety of your children drives every decision we make when it comes to having school when we receive these kinds of reports.