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O'Hara Elementary Welcomes Visitors from China

The Fox Chapel Area School District is participating in a global immersion partnership with students from a school in China. Fifth-graders from Peking University Elementary School will be visiting and studying with fifth-grade students at O’Hara Elementary School from Sept. 16 to Sept. 27.

Special events during the visit will include a welcome and closing celebration, an author and a SMALLab visit, a special PTO-sponsored dinner, a museum meet-up, and a bonfire at Camp Guyasuta. The students also will be participating in all academic and special area classes together during the two-week visit.

The goals and benefits of the partnership are many, said Ashley Constantine, Ed.D., Fox Chapel Area School District's executive director of elementary education and instruction.

“We want to enhance cultural competencies, expand the students’ world views, provide exposure to a different language, and foster positive peer relationships,” she said.