Optional Tech Fee

  • Fox Chapel Area School District's optional Annual Tech Fee Program requires a yearly $30 non-refundable fee, which eliminates and reduces future repair and replacement costs of the district-owned device. (Please note: The Annual Tech Fee Program does NOT cover devices that are lost or stolen.)

    If you are enrolled in the Annual Tech Fee Program and your child breaks or damages an iPad or Chromebook, the following fees will be charged:

    Repair/replacement #1 = No cost to the family
    Repair/replacement #2 = $85 cost to the family
    Repair/replacement #3 = Full cost of the device or case             

    If parents/guardians do NOT participate in the Annual Tech Fee Program, the full cost of all repairs and replacements will be charged to the family. Repair costs range from $85 to the full replacement cost of the device.

Pay Your Tech Fee

Please select your child's school building, fill in your child's name, and fill in your child's student ID number before clicking through to PayPal. This process must be completed for each child.

Student Name
FCASD Student ID

Damage Payment

  • If you have received an invoice for damages or accessory replacement related to your child's school-issued device, please log in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal and visit the School Information section to submit your payment via PayPal: