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School Police

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Fox Chapel Area School Resource Officers

Fox Chapel Area School District School Resource Officers

Front: Officer Dennis Lynch, O'Hara Elementary; Officer Joseph Kozarian, school police chief; Officer Shannon Santucci-Davis, Hartwood Elementary; and Officer Stanley Bradish, Fox Chapel Area High School

Back: Officer Tim Rush, Dorseyville Middle School; Safety Officer Joe Abbott, Fox Chapel Area High School; Officer Eric Valentine, Fairview Elementary School; Officer Scott Bailey, Kerr Elementary; and Officer Josh Dietz, Fox Chapel Area High School

Junior Cadet Program

Please fill out the following form if your child is interested in the Junior Cadet Program for spring 2023.

Contact Info

Chief of Police/Safety and Security Coordinator

Officer Joseph Kozarian

Fox Chapel Area High School

Officer Stanley Bradish
Officer Joshua Dietz
Safety Officer Joseph Abbott

Dorseyville Middle School

Officer Timothy Rush

Fairview Elementary School

Officer Eric Valentine

Hartwood Elementary School

Officer Shannon Santucci-Davis

Kerr Elementary School

Officer Scott Bailey

O'Hara Elementary School

Officer Dennis Lynch 

What Is A School Resource Officer?

According to the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO), the goals for a school resource officer to provide a safe learning environment and valuable resources to school staff members, foster positive relationships with youth, develop strategies to resolve problems affecting youths and protect all students, so that they can reach their fullest potentials. NASRO considers the three main roles of a school resource officer to be an educator, informal counselor/mentor, and a law enforcement officer.

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