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School Bus Protocol

Stay Out of the Danger Zone!

School Bus Danger Zone Graphic
  1. Avoid the danger zone! Walk around the crossing control arm and beyond the bumper of the bus.

  2. Stop! Wait for the driver's signal.

  3. Check for traffic both ways.

  4. Listen! If the driver blows the horn, go back.

  5. Cross while continuing to check for traffic.

  6. Walk straight across, not on an angle.

Please do your part to help us keep your children safe while riding the school bus. Review these important safety rules with them.

View a downloadable version of this information: School Bus Safety Pamphlet

Seat Belts on School Buses

The Board of School Directors of the Fox Chapel Area School District has decided that all buses will be equipped with seat belts and 28” high seat backs. All of the large school buses used in our district are now equipped with these special safety features.

The Bus Seat Belts FAQ will address some of the questions that you or your child may have regarding seat belts on school buses. It will also provide your child with the basic procedures he or she will need to know.

Please read and review this information. Parents will especially want to discuss this with their younger school age children. Please reinforce the importance of using seatbelts by buckling up in your family car every day.

If you have any additional questions, please call ABC Transit at 412-828-9000.

Bus Seat Belts FAQ