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  • Prospective volunteers will need to submit their clearances via the Raptor System. The district will no longer accept hard copies of clearances nor emailed clearances to volunteers@fcasd.edu. However, this email address will still be active for volunteer questions.
  • When submitting clearances through Raptor, the prospective volunteer must have all three clearances ready for upload. All three are required for a successful submission.
  • Once submitted, clearances will continue to be verified by administration.
  • The submitted clearances must be the correct required clearances (please see “Submission of Clearances”). If a submitted clearance is one we do not accept, it will result in a delay to volunteer.
  • Once approved, volunteers will receive an email via Raptor. Volunteers will also receive an email from Raptor when their clearances are about to expire. The emails will automatically generate 90 days and 30 days prior to expiring.
  • The most significant change will be the new timeline for volunteer approval. Clearances will be verified at the beginning of every month AND only once a month. Provided that all information submitted is correct, prospective volunteers can anticipate a 30-60 day waiting period before being approved. See chart below.

Submit Clearances                                        Volunteer Approved

January 1-31                                                    March 1

February 1-28                                                  April 1

March 1-31                                                      May 1

April 1-30                                                        June 1

May 1-31                                                         July 1

June 1-30                                                         August 1

July 1-31                                                          September 1

August 1-31                                                     October 1

September 1-30                                               November 1

October 1-31                                                   December 1

November 1-30                                               January 1

December 1-31                                               February 1        

This timeline is firm. Last minute volunteer approvals will no longer be honored. If a prospective volunteer would like to volunteer for an event, they must follow the submission timeline accordingly. 

All of the above information is noted in the “Submission of Clearances” information sheet.

PLEASE NOTE: Current volunteers have been imported into the Raptor System and do NOT need to do anything further.

Please direct questions to volunteers@fcasd.edu.

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