Fox Chapel Area School District
611 Field Club Road / Pittsburgh, PA 15238 / 412.963.9600

Infrastructure Projects

WiFi Project: Develop a wireless network to support seamless daily classroom instruction and building-based 1:1 initiatives, with support for potential 5:1 density.

2015-2016: All buildings were upgraded to new wireless solution.

10-Gig Plan: Upgrade core network connections from 1Gb to 10Gb with options for 20Gb should ultra-high capacity throughput be needed.

10-Gig Visualization: https://goo.gl/q8jGg2

2015-2016: Fiber cabling RFP, Select IDF upgrades
2016-2017: Building-building, Fiber installs, Continue select IDF connections

Redundancy: Provide continuity of services due to failures through off-site backups of core services, redundant drive storage (RAID) of core systems, and multiple connections to public utility services (phone and internet), as well as continuity through cross-training staff to respond.

2015-2016: (1) Campus Ring - completing campus building interconnection by closing the one-way building fiber connection loop through a public internet and virtual private network (VPN) connection should a mid-fiber failure occur. (2) Power Failure Protocol - Plan developed and training for multiple technology team members. (3) Internet Addition - Planned and built out DMS-based internet connection for redundancy and 'Campus Ring' project.
2016-2017r: Building-building 1Gb backlinks for public internet and VPN/VLAN to core network and services.

Configuration Visualization: LINK

Internet Bandwidth: Support the increased need for internet capacity by monitoring and adjusting bandwidth as well as providing additional connections to improve load balancing and provide redundant service continuity.

2011-2012 30Mb
2012-2013 30Mb+50Mb
2013-2014 60Mb(1Gb)+50Mb
2014-2015 60Mb(1Gb)+150Mb
2015-2016 60Mb(1Gb)+150Mb+100Mb
2016-2017 500Mb(10Gb, 10Gb)+100Mb

SSO Project: Unify accounts and logins, reduce the number of usernames and passwords, provide greater access to systems based on user role, and integration with existing systems. (SSO = Single Sign On).

2015-2016: Implement new "Active Directory" user directory system and link relevant systems to use this new system.

Streaming Media: Provide streaming media and video services over network connection to replace aging analog broadcast cable system.

2015-2016: Link OTA (over-the-air) high-definition video the the streaming services for local broadcast stations. Integrate two-point streaming appliances to enable quick setup and deployment of live remote broadcasts.
2016-2017: Discontinue analog coax infrastructure. Full scale deployment of streaming services (FCASD.TV).