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1:1 Project-Based & Blended Learning



As we continue our 1:1 project-based learning initative using iPads at DMS, the rich learning experiences will also continue to grow with our kids as they enjoy their middle school experience. 


What's New?

Distribution of DMS teacher-selected apps only.

Students will only have the apps we select on their devices.

Removing App Store and Self-Service Apps from student devices.

The App Store will not be available for students to download apps. We will distribute select apps.

 Apple ID accounts will now be assigned to sixth graders by the District.

We create the account and can now manage it, including changing passwords.

Schoology integration of Google Apps for Education, BrainPop.

Schoology is now fully integrated with PowerSchool and other applications for an integrated Learning Management Susem for Dorseyville.

Increased integration of project-based learning experiences.

The rich learning experiences through project-based learning continue into this year with increased opportunities for students to solve the tough questions of today's world.

FC•Connect mobile internet access program

Launching this fall, we will have a number of ways in increase offsite broadband access including: reduced cost home internet and mobile hot spots for home and traveling students and groups.

1:1 iPad Consent Forms for DMS. [DOWNLOAD]