Fox Chapel Area High School
611 Field Club Road / Pittsburgh, PA 15238 / 412.967.2430

High School Artist-in-Residence

Fox Chapel Area High School students are working with an artist-in-residence October 27-November 23, 2015. The artist, Laura Jean McLaughlin, is a ceramicist and mosaic artist who will work on-site with the students for 20 days. McLaughlin is working with ninth through twelfth grade students to design and build a large, interactive outdoor sculpture that will be installed on school grounds this spring. During the course of McLaughlin's residency, students will also work with the artist to create an indoor mosaic mural for the entrance to the art hallway. More than 400 students will participate in the creation of these works.

All current art students met with McLaughlin at the start of the project to create sketches for the design. Students then voted on the resulting sketches to select the imagery that will appear on the completed sculpture. Through the course of the residency, students will work collaboratively to bring the drawings to life in colorful mosaic tiles.

District residents can learn more about the project by visiting the high school website at www.fcasd.edu/high-school-home.html or follow on Twitter using the #FCArtAlive.

The Fox Chapel Area High School project is being funded by money from the 2012 Fox Chapel Area School District Gala, the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, and the Fox Chapel Area High School PTO.

McLaughlin received an MFA in ceramics from West Virginia University. Her work has been exhibited in more than 100 galleries and museums, including the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, the Mobile Museum of Art, the Montgomery Museum of Art, the Ohio Craft Museum, the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Delf Norona Museum, the San Angelo Museum of Fine Art, the Baltimore Institute of Art, and the State Museum of Pennsylvania. Her work has also been featured in various periodicals around the world.