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Students Win Awards at Regional PJAS

Several Fox Chapel Area students recently won awards at the 85th Annual Region 7 Meeting of the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS). A total of 15 of those students qualified for the state competition.

Fox Chapel Area first-place winners were: senior Kathryn Schwartzman; juniors Rajeev Godse, Zeynep Ozkaya, and Ameya Velankar; sophomores Catherine Heidenreich, Anthony Nguyen, Vinisha Sant, Sanjay Seshan, and Dong Hyun “Simon” Shin; freshmen Mona Gerges, Janise Kim, and Zoe Lakkis; eighth grader Arvind Seshan; and seventh graders Lakshanya Rajaganapathi and Adhitya Thirumala. The first-place winners qualified for the state PJAS competition which will be held May 19-21, 2019, at Penn State University (Main Campus).

Fox Chapel Area second-place winners were: juniors Hanna Chen, Serena Fisher, and Anzu Sekikawa; sophomores Jackson Romero, Elizabeth Schwartzman, and Nishi Thawani; freshmen Theodor Urban and Siddharth Yende; eighth graders Aiden Dorneich and Prajval Sreenivas; and seventh graders Rose Mullan and Parv Tahiliani.

The following Fox Chapel Area High School students received these special awards in addition to their first-place awards: Kathryn Schwartzman received a PJAS Perseverance Award; Rajeev Godse won a Director’s Award in Behavioral Science; Zeynep Ozkaya received a Duquesne University Program in Forensic Science and Law Award; Sanjay Seshan won a Carnegie Mellon University Civil and Engineering Department – Chi Epsilon Award; Dong Hyun “Simon” Shin received a Duquesne University Department of Math and Computer Science Award; and Zoe Lakkis won a PJAS Perfect Score Award and a PJAS Director’s Award for Mathematics.

The following Dorseyville Middle School students received these special awards in addition to their first-place awards: Arvind Seshan received an American Vacuum Society Special Award, a Bechtel Physics Award, and a Duquesne University Science of Excellence Award; and Adhitya Thirumala won a Duquesne University Science of Excellence Award.

The participating students (from several schools from Allegheny and Westmoreland counties) researched their science projects for several months. During the competition, each of the students was required to give an oral presentation on his or her science project in front of a panel of judges. The regional competition was held at Duquesne University February 2.