Fox Chapel Area High School
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Mary's Garden Photo

We wanted to highlight this beautiful photo of the pond in Mary's Garden at the high school. The photo was taken by 2017-2018 sophomore Luca Fontecchio. Mary's Garden was created in 2002 in honor of Mary Succop who was the parent of four Fox Chapel Area graduates and a member of many high school committees and garden clubs in the area. The pond was created by art teachers Ron Frank and Patty Norkus, the high school wrestling team, and members of Mr. Frank's homeroom. The pond is maintained by Mr. Frank and members of the high school pond club, as well as students from the AP Environmental Science classes. The Fox Chapel Garden Club and the Squaw Run Garden Club all contribute plants to make the pond area a great place for students to take photographs, residents to sit and read a book, and visitors to admire the fish. The original pond liner and teak benches were donated by the area garden clubs of which Mary was a member. Some of the original koi in the pond are now 17 years old and thriving. The area also features a standing sculptural mosaic which was constructed by students of the high school art classes. It was designed by visiting artist Laura Jean McLaughlin and teacher Sarah Stewart. Stop by for a peaceful visit!

Pond Photo by Luca Fontecchio Grade 10 copy.jpg