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High School Group Bikes the GAP Trail

This is amazing!!!! So proud of these students, teachers, parents, and a grad!

A group of students, teachers, parents, and one graduate biked the GAP Trail the last weekend in April. The group performed admirably in less than desirable conditions. They biked a total of 153 miles – 44 miles on Friday, 49 miles on Saturday, and 60 miles on Sunday. On Friday the ride included an 1,800 foot climb over the Eastern Divide and the group arrived in camp in time for two thunderstorms. Saturday they dropped out of the mountains as the temperatures dropped all day. On Sunday, after waking up to sub-freezing temps, they arrived at Point State Park around 5:30 p.m. after pedaling 60 miles. Thankfully (and appropriately) the sun came out for the finish!

Here is the list of students, parents, and teachers who completed the ride: Isabella Boleng (junior), Dante Difatta (junior), Flora Gladwin (junior), Hannah Higgins (junior), Elizabeth Kaslewicz (junior), Ryan Kenyon (freshman), Nathan VanDemark (senior) and his father Dr. Andrew VanDemark, Maggie Woodwell (junior) and her father Davitt Woodwell, Anthony Pirollo (graduate), Dave Battista (teacher), Eric Norberg (teacher), Brandon Peiffer (teacher), and Laura Ward (librarian).

The group began the ride on Friday, April 27, in Cumberland, Maryland, and finished the ride April 29 in Point State Park.


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