Student Magazine Wins National Award

Fox Chapel Area High School’s 2016-2017 literary arts magazine “Tapestry” received a national award. The magazine was named a first-place winner in the 2017 American Scholastic Press Association’s Annual Contest/Review for Scholastic Yearbooks, Magazines and Newspapers. Additionally, 2017-2018 sophomore Anzu Sekikawa received recognition for “Outstanding Art” for her artwork entitled “Japanese Dream.”

The 2016-2017 student editors of “Tapestry” were 2017 graduates Emma Paulini (editor-in-chief), Rachel Gorby, and David Han; current 2017-2018 seniors Karissa Becer, Sally Dean, Shania Khatri, Philip Kim, Helen Paulini, Anna Paviglianiti; and current 2017-2018 juniors Arnav Gupta, Emma Kazmierczak, Demi Rymer, and Chloe Yofan. The students’ advisor is Fox Chapel Area High School language arts teacher Jessica Green.