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All-Girls' Combat Bot Team Wins Competition

A team of Fox Chapel Area High School students recently won first place at the Seventh Annual Combat Bots Competition. The all-girls’ combat team of “Elphaba” won the King of the Ring rumble. The team members were seniors Juliette Naugle and Amanda Trusiak and sophomores Emily Franks and Alaina Kotchey. Additionally, the “Baconator” team finished fifth and included senior Thomas McFadden and sophomores Sophia Porter Bacon and Travis Kobert. The “Thunder” team finished seventh and included senior Mark Lees and junior Max Wolfendale.

Combat Bots is a great example of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. Students design, test, and engineer the entire robot, including the weapon, wiring harness, and control system. A total of 38 Battle Bot teams from six school districts from the greater Pittsburgh area participated in the contest. The competition was held April 26, 2017, at Pine-Richland High School.