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Student Invited to Present Her Cancer Research in Chicago

Fox Chapel Area High School junior Shania Khatri was chosen to present her breast cancer research at the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) 2016 Annual Symposium in Chicago. The symposium included a dedicated presentation session, educational activities, and networking events for high school students and high school teachers participating in educational research partnerships with biomedical informatics researchers from across the United States. In order to be considered as a presenter, high school students who participated in educational research activities at biomedical informatics programs were invited to submit presentations for consideration through the High School Scholars Competition.

Shania’s project was “Discovery Novel Genes Using Bayesian Network Modeling.” She completed it this past summer at the University of Pittsburgh’s Cancer Institute Summer Academy, working closely with Dr. Vanathi Gopalakrishnan and doctoral student Brian Liu in the Department of Biomedical Informatics. She created a methodology to find genes relevant to breast cancer progression through a Bayesian computer network, which includes a literature search-based network to target specific genes. She concluded that a novel breast cancer gene, Claudin-11, causes breast cancer progression and, if present in a patient, should be further tested in a lab.

This AMIA Annual Symposium, which was held in November 2016, is a prestigious event that is the premier informatics conference for scientists throughout the country. The symposium provides opportunities for high school students to learn from and network with biomedical informatics researchers from across the United States.

Fox Chapel Area High School senior Hannah Mueller contributed to the writing of this press release.