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Students Win Regional Scholastic Art Awards

Several Fox Chapel Area School District students recently won awards for their entries in the Pittsburgh Arts Region of The Scholastic Art Awards of 2016. The show is being held February 6-20 at the Community College of Allegheny County North Campus and nearly 2,000 entries were received from students from schools across the region.

The Fox Chapel Area High School Gold Key winners were seniors Elayna Burdelski, Maria Burns, Alexis Buzzatto, Rebecca Francis (three Gold Keys), Hannah Goodman, Kathleen Kiszka (also an American Visions Nominee, one of only five given from the entire region), Fiona Marree, Maya McCann, Nina Mulroy, Astrid Navas, Hannah Pignoli, Heather Snowball (two Gold Keys), and Wolfgang Stearns (two Gold Keys); juniors Kira Galanter (two Gold Keys), Roy Gao, Amanda Hurwitz (three Gold Keys), Solana Morningstar (three Gold Keys), Mary Clare O’Connor (three Gold Keys), Bryanna Urso, and Brenda Vernon; sophomores Hailey Johnson, Elizabeth Kauma (two Gold Keys and also an American Visions Nominee, one of only five given from the entire region), and Jessica Schwartz; and freshman Sofia Porter Bacon (artwork done when she was an eighth grader at Dorseyville Middle School during the 2014-2015 school year). The Dorseyville Middle School Gold Key winner was eighth grader Anzu Sekikawa. The Gold Key winners will have their work sent to New York for national judging where they will be competing with other regional winners from across the United States for national awards. The winners of the national contest will participate in The Scholastic Art Awards National Exhibit.

The Fox Chapel Area Silver Key winners were 2015 graduate Claire Durr; current seniors Tara Bates, James Braham, Elayna Burdelski, Zachary Burkhart, Maria Burns, Hansen Bursic, Alexis Buzzatto (three Silver Keys), Lia Crocker, Madeleine DiMedio, Hannah Goodman, Charles Irakoze, Sierra Kaminski, Nina Mulroy, Morgan Perry, Hannah Pignoli, Jose Rincon, Heather Snowball (four Silver Keys), Wolfgang Stearns (two Silver Keys), Maya Weis, and Maura Whelan; juniors Phoebe Beard (three Silver Keys), Amanda Hurwitz (three Silver Keys), Emmeline Klatt, and Mary Clare O’Connor (two Silver Keys); sophomores Madelyn Flanagan, Vincent Occorso, Jacob Orban, Helen Paulini (four Silver Keys), Najire Taylor, and William Tabor; freshman Paige Johnson (two Silver Keys); and eighth graders Claire Fenton and Anzu Sekikawa (two Silver Keys).

Several students from Fox Chapel Area High School received Honorable Mentions for their entries. They are seniors Tara Bates, Zachary Burkhart, Maria Burns, Alexis Buzzatto, Maya Clark, Madeleine DiMedio (two Honorable Mentions), Jeremy Drischler, Rebecca Francis (six Honorable Mentions), Hannah Goodman, Jade Perry, Morgan Perry, Hannah Pignoli, Wolfgang Stearns (two Honorable Mentions), and Maya Weis (two Honorable Mentions); juniors Anna Burkel, Casey Dillon, Claire Gaffney, Roy Gao, Laura Klak, Sada Lantgios, Solana Morningstar, Mary Clare O’Connor (four Honorable Mentions), Amy Potochny, Amanda Trusiak (four Honorable Mentions), Bryanna Urso, and Micah Ziff; sophomores Sarah Fownes, Elizabeth Kauma, Helen Paulini, Bridget Shelestak (two Honorable Mentions), and Najire Taylor; freshmen Victoria Brokaw and Paige Johnson; and eighth graders Brandis Malone and Anna Meyer.

The regional award winners were selected by a panel of distinguished judges which included artists, art educators, and art professionals. All of these Fox Chapel Area students will be honored at a special ceremony which is part of the Pittsburgh Arts Regional exhibition February 20 at the CCAC North Campus.

The Fox Chapel Area High School students who entered pieces are under the instruction of art teachers Ron Frank, Joan Marangoni, Jody Shell, Christine Smith, Sarah Stewart, and Amy Wickman. The Dorseyville Middle School students are under the instruction of art teachers Cheryl Etters, Nanci Goldberg, and Mary Jo Montgomery.