Our Counselors


    School Counselors

    From Left to Right: Mr. John Baxter, Mrs. Rachel Machen, Mrs. Dana Papalia, Ms. Tara Decomo, Mr. Ben O'Connor, Mr. Tim McLister


About Our Office

  • The Fox Chapel Area School District counseling program:

    • Is standards driven and developmentally based
    • Is comprehensive and equally accessible to all students
    • Is focused on students' personal responsibility, basic need fulfillment, and individual decision making
    • Is planned and coordinated by the school counseling team
    • Is based on the importance of prevention while providing intervention and ongoing support
    • Is strengthened by the collaboration, communication, and support of the administration, staff, parents or guardians and community

    The counselors in Fox Chapel Area School District believe:

    • All students have dignity, worth, and the potential to succeed
    • Support from home, school, and community enhances all students' opportunity to reach their potential
    • All students have individual differences that need to be addressed by all personnel through the use of teamwork and collaboration
    • The interdependent areas of academic, career, ethical, social, emotional, and physical development are equally important to all students
    • Abide by the ethical standards described by the American School Counselor Association
    • Act as advocates for all students
    • Provide and participate in professional development activities essential to maintain a quality school counseling program

2022-2023 Financial Aid Presentation

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