DMS Holocaust Remembrance Day Activities

Dorseyville Middle School eighth grade students and teachers will participate in Holocaust remembrance day activities March 27, 2015. The students will have the opportunity to attend seminar sessions related to the Holocaust which will be taught by the Dorseyville eighth grade teachers. They can also choose to watch the documentary "Paper Clips." In conjunction with the Pittsburgh Holocaust Center, there will also be guest speakers, including Holocaust survivors Fritz Otterheimer and Sam Weinreb, as well as Deborah Stueber, a resident of the district who will speak about her parents' experiences during the Holocaust. Ms. Stueber's son will also perform a dramatic reading and student volunteers will also perform various dramatic readings.

This special event is being held in conjunction with the eighth grade language arts curriculum, where students are studying how humans handle adversity. They all read Elie Wiesel's, "Night," and the play "The Diary of Anne Frank." The Holocaust remembrance day activities will be held March 27 at Dorseyville Middle School from 8:30-11:20 a.m.