DMS Named State Finalist in Samsung Contest

Dorseyville Middle School has announced that it has become a Pennsylvania state finalist in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest, a nationwide competition to increase interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) by challenging teachers and students to take topics out of traditional classroom settings and into local communities. In addition to being awarded two Galaxy® Tabs, three teachers received a professional development course from PBS TeacherLine.

Dorseyville Middle School has moved onto this round of the competition for their interest in using STEM to address the revitalization of the Charles Street Park. Dorseyville Middle School is one of four other schools in Pennsylvania to become a state finalist in the Solve for Tomorrow contest. During the next phase of the competition, a Dorseyville Middle School teacher will create a lesson plan to address the issue in an educational setting. Fifty-one state winners will be announced in early December.

"Samsung has given our school a wonderful opportunity to seamlessly integrate STEM into our community," said Principal Jon Nauhaus. "Redesigning a community park will build a long-lasting relationship with the residents and the businesses in our district."

This is Dorseyville Middle School's first time as a state finalist in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest. To learn more about the competition and past winners, please visit