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Gifted Programs

Gifted Program Overview

Gifted education in the Fox Chapel Area School District comprises different program options, goals, and objectives depending on a student’s areas of strength and need as documented in the Gifted Written Report and Gifted Individualized Education Plan. The plan is designed to meet the educational needs of the student. Students are able to select differentiated options within the core curriculum, academic extensions, competitions, career exploration, and Advanced Placement classes.

Philosophy & Core Values

Fox Chapel Area School District is committed to designing programming to meet the unique academic and affective needs of gifted and talented students. The QUEST curriculum has been designed to foster areas of student strengths and interests through rigorous, motivating, and meaningful learning experiences.

Specific program goals include:

1. Supporting the achievement and growth of gifted and high-performing students

2. Designing cross-curricular and standards-aligned learning experiences

3. Developing social, emotional, and intellectual capacities of exceptional students

4. Providing choice through independent inquiry and self-directed learning experiences

5. Promoting collaboration, communication, creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking