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000 Board Policy/Procedure/Administrative Regulations

Book: Policy Manual 
Section: 000 Local Board Procedures 
Title: Board Policy/Procedure/Administrative Regulations 
Code: 000 
Status: Active 
Adopted: April 4, 2022
Prior Revised Dates: 8/13/2018 


The policies and procedures adopted by the Board establish the general parameters within which the daily operations of the school district are to be governed. Administrative regulations for carrying out and implementing Board policies are developed and implemented by the administration, under the direction of the Superintendent. As applicable, all members of the school community are expected to comply with both Board policy and administrative regulations, subject to stated limitations and exceptions. However, failure of the Board or the administration to comply with policy or procedure shall not invalidate any lawful action taken.[1][2] 


The policies of the Board shall consist of the policies and procedures adopted by the Board and contained in the Policy Manual, and such other separate documents approved by the Board that are expressly incorporated by reference in particular policies and declared to constitute Board policy, such as the Code of Student Conduct. 

Administrative regulations are not part of Board policy and may be altered by the administration without Board action. Administrative regulations may not conflict with Board policy or with applicable law. 


All Board policies and administrative regulations shall be interpreted and administered in a lawful manner. The Board shall make the final interpretation of its policies, and the administration shall make the final interpretation of its regulations. 

Board policies and procedures and administrative regulations are limited by legal constraints, as are the rights of those to whom Board policies and administrative regulations apply, and are not intended to give an individual a cause of action not independently established in law. 

Rules of Construction 

In ascertaining the intent of the Board in adopting a policy or procedure, or of the administration in establishing a regulation, the following presumptions, among other legally applicable presumptions, may be used: 

  1. That neither the Board nor the administration intends a result that is absurd, impossible of execution, or unreasonable. 

  2. That neither the Board nor the administration intends to violate federal or state Constitutions or any other applicable law. If any policy or procedure or administrative regulation can be given multiple interpretations, the Board and the administration intend that only constitutional and lawful interpretations shall be valid, and that neither an unconstitutional nor an unlawful interpretation was intended.


1. 24 P.S. 407
2. 24 P.S. 510