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Resource Planning Advisory


The Fox Chapel Area School District Resource Planning Advisory, established in 1991, functions as an advisory panel with new members selected by the superintendent.

The group meets two to three times as the budget for the next school year is being prepared.

  • The first meeting is in late February or early March.
    • The initial budget, prepared by the business manager and based on requested amounts from building administrators and department chairpersons, is presented.
    • Discussion takes place regarding what makes up the budget totals, including any major expenses, as well as cost-saving measures that could occur.
    • Talks also include potential additional revenue based on millage increase options according to the district’s Act 1 index, provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), coupled with the Act 1 resolution passed each January by the Fox Chapel Area School Board.
    • Enrollment projections also are presented, as well as possible staffing numbers, based on what is known at that time. This is information only to assist with discussions. No staffing nor programming decisions are made by the Resource Planning Advisory.
  • The second and any additional meetings, if needed, are held between the first meeting and late April.
    • Follow-up questions from prior meetings are discussed.
    • The group then agrees on moving forward with the current iteration of the budget to recommend to the School Board with or without tax increases.
    • The budget is presented to the School Board, as recommended by the Resource Planning Advisory, at the May board meeting. It’s advertised and made available for public inspection and/or comments. Final budget acceptance and adoption takes place at the board’s discretion.
    • The School Board can request additional information or make changes to the budget.
    • The final budget must be approved before June 30 to meet all PDE deadlines and timelines.
  • Upon completion of the Annual Financial Report/annual audit, a meeting is held around late October.
    • The Resource Planning Advisory analyzes the budget for actual totals from the prior year as well as the estimated actual to actual totals that were used for budget preparation.


Community Members

Henry Beukema
Member since 2023

Robert Marsh
Member since 2015

Richard Meyer
Member since 1991

Kevin Romango
Member since 2012

Joel Weinstein
Member since 1991

Fox Chapel Area Educators Association Representative

Michael Frank
Member since 2021

Fox Chapel Area School Board Representatives

Marybeth Dadd
School Board President

Ron Frank
School Board Vice President

Eric Hamilton
School Board Treasurer

Fox Chapel Area School District Administration Representatives

Mary Catherine Reljac, Ed.D.

David McCommons, Ed.D.
Deputy Superintendent

Kimberly Pawlishak
Business Manager