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AHERA Notice

August 1, 2024
As part of the Federal Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), the Fox Chapel Area School District must provide notification to all building occupants and legal guardians of the availability and location of asbestos management plans and of any post-response activities, including periodic re-inspections and surveillance activities planned or in progress.

During the 2023-20234 school year, periodic six-month surveillance activities were performed by district employees.

A building re-inspection by an EPA-accredited inspector was performed in all district buildings in 2023. The building inspection is designed to meet the requirements of AHERA regulation 40 CFR Part 763, subpart E “Asbestos-Contaminating Materials in Schools." A copy of this inspection and the six-month surveillance inspection is available for review in each school's maintenance office by any building occupant or legal guardian(s).

AHERA regulations require a re-inspection every three years by an accredited building inspector. The next building triennial update is scheduled for January 2026.

Currently, there is no asbestos-related work scheduled in the district.

Questions or Concerns

Rick Perkins
Maintenance Supervisor
(412) 967-2422