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How can I restrict my child’s purchasing?
Please contact Julie Geary in the food services office at (412) 967-2502 to place a note on your child’s account.

How do I put money into my child’s account?
First, you must sign up for online deposits with Schoolcafe. For help with Schoolcafe, use this help guide.

Why do the cafeterias not offer whole milk?
As per the National School Lunch Program, only 1% or skim milk is allowed to be served in schools. Here are the federal regulations in the National School Lunch Program.

Where can I find information about smart snacks in school?
Here's a guide from the USDA.

Did You Know?

  • All Fox Chapel Area cafeterias now serve all meals on compostable and biodegradable lunch trays or reusable washable trays!
  • Cups are offered daily in all cafeterias for students to fill up at water fountains!

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