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Professional Employment Guidelines

Requirements for Employment Consideration:

In addition to all other requirements of state law (including highly-qualified teacher status), candidates for employment in the Fox Chapel Area School District must meet the following requirements:

Grade Quality Point Averages - 4 point scale. Candidates shall have a cumulative undergraduate Quality Point Average of 3.0. Candidates who have also earned a graduate degree shall have a minimum cumulative Quality Point Average of 3.0 for graduate work. Candidates will also be considered for employment if the cumulative undergraduate Quality Point Average is a minimum of 2.5 provided that a graduate degree has been awarded from an accredited institution with a minimum cumulative Quality Point Average for the degree course work of 3.5. All course work must be awarded from an accredited degree-granting institution. The Quality Point Average attained through credits earned toward an equivalency degree will not be considered for employment.

Letters of Recommendation. Recent letters of recommendation from a minimum of three individuals who can attest to the professional competency of the candidates and one individual who can provide a character reference must be provided for employment consideration. The written references must reflect outstanding professional competency and excellent character for employment consideration.

Student Teaching Grade. A grade of "A" or any other designation which reflects exceptional performance, or pass on a pass/fail system, is required for employment consideration.

Extracurricular Activities. Evidence of willingness to sponsor specific extracurricular activities with adequate knowledge and competency in the activities is preferred. 

Instructional Competencies. Candidates must provide evidence of:

1. Philosophical support for the appreciation for diversity and inclusive educational practices.

2. Knowledge and expertise (and/or willingness to enhance skills) in differentiating curriculum and instruction to meet students' needs and build student-centered learning environments such as:

• A thorough understanding of designated subject areas.
• Arranging and planning for instruction based on varied methods of assessment;
• Utilizing a range of approaches and resources to address different learning styles and interests of students
• Ways to ensure the appropriate depth and pace of learning for individual students;
• Management strategies to incorporate flexible grouping;
• Record-keeping systems to clearly document and report student performance; and
• Techniques such as Cooperative Learning, Mastery Learning, Process Writing, Whole Language, Responsibility Training; and
• A thorough understanding of designated subject areas.

3. Collegial/collaborative professional practices and interest in teamwork.

4. A commitment to involving parents/guardians in the educational program.

5. An interest in contributing to the overall growth of the school district as a learning community through participation in school and/or districtwide projects (e.g., task forces, committees, extracurricular activities).

6. A proactive interest in ongoing professional development and the development of leadership skills.

Additional information must be included with the application to assist in the evaluation of the candidates. A photocopy of the following documents will be satisfactory for the screening of applications:

• Teaching Certificate;
• National Teacher Examination/PRAXIS/PAPA/PECT scores;
• Course transcripts; and
• Letters of recommendation.

A position will be offered conditionally to a candidate subject to the approval of the Fox Chapel Area Board of School Directors, successful completion of a physical examination, TB test, drug screening, reference checks, and verification of photocopied documents previously submitted with original copies and sealed "official" copies of the transcript and credential file from a college or university. The physical examination, TB test, and drug screening will be given by the school district physician. The cost of the physical examination will be the responsibility of the candidate with the cost of the TB test and drug screening paid by the district. 

Personal Interview

    1. Selected candidates will initially be interviewed and evaluated by a member of the administrative staff of the Fox Chapel Area School District. For employment consideration, candidates must receive an average interview ranking no less than 3 on a 4-point scale.
    2. Following the initial interview, those candidates who received an average interview ranking of no less than 3 on a 4-point scale and meet all other stated employment criteria, may be invited for an additional interview by a building site team. Following an interview with the building site team, the top candidate is recommended for an interview with the Superintendent or Deputy Superintendent.
    3. Candidates for foreign language positions must meet with a member of the district's foreign language department. Candidates must meet an acceptable level of proficiency in the language in general fluency, correct grammar, pronunciation, and expression, and the ability to read and write accurately as judged by the representative of the foreign language department to be considered further for employment. Candidates for music positions must meet, in addition, with a member of the district's music department. Candidates must meet an acceptable level of musical ability and knowledge for the position as judged by the music department musicians to be considered further for employment.

The Fox Chapel Area School District is an equal rights and opportunity school district. The district does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, national origin, or handicap/disability. The district shall make reasonable accommodations for identified physical and mental impairments that constitute disabilities, consistent with the requirements of federal and state laws and regulations. 

Additional information pertaining to civil rights, school district policies, and grievance procedures can be obtained by contacting the officers listed below between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday-Friday. This notice is available from the compliance officers in large print, on audiotape, and in Braille.

Title IX: David P. McCommons, Ed.D. (412) 967-2456
Section 504 and ADA: Timothy Mahoney (412) 967-2435

Address: Fox Chapel Area School District, 611 Field Club Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15238