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Comprehensive Plan


The Fox Chapel Area School District is completing a strategic plan (and informing its required comprehensive plan) during the 2022-2023 school year.  This process is designed to foster reflection, collaboration, and imagination.  Elevating voices from multiple representatives will help provide a more extensive picture of the desired culture and goals of the community so that the charted path is as representative as possible of what the community values for its school district.

Pennsylvania public school districts are required to complete a Comprehensive Plan every three (3) years by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The Comprehensive Plan is dictated by a consistent planning framework for all entities that focuses on continuous improvement. The process includes six sections: Profile, Core Foundations, Assurances, Needs Assessment, Action Planning, and Plan Submission. While Fox Chapel Area School District is completing a strategic plan process, it will also complete the required Comprehensive Plan.

The teams involved in the Strategic/Comprehensive Plan process were varied and included multiple representatives from the school community. Teams were expected to embrace nine characteristics that are strongly correlated to consistently high-performing educational institutions. These characteristics are Clear and Shared Focus; High Standards and Expectations; Effective Leadership; High Levels of Collaboration and Communication; Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Aligned with Standards; Frequent Monitoring of Teaching and Learning; Focused Professional Development; Supportive Learning Environment; and High Levels of Community and Parent Involvement.  


The Fox Chapel Area School District’s Strategic Plan/Comprehensive Plan included the following key committees:

  • Steering Committee

  • Learning and Teaching Committee

  • Supports for Students Committee

  • Community Engagement Committee

Additional focus groups provided venues for dialogue and information gathering to support the district’s planning process.