Fox Chapel Area School District
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Strategic Plan

FCASD 2012-2018 Strategic Plan 


The Fox Chapel Area School District exists to maximize student learning, achievement and development.


The Fox Chapel Area School District will be recognized as one of the top performing public school districts in the nation. Toward that end we will:

  • Challenge each student to reach his/her maximum potential level of achievement;
  • Provide scholarly experiences that deepen understanding, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, innovation, and collaboration;
  • Provide an environment that promotes inclusiveness and embraces diversity;
  • Foster a culture that encourages student involvement in the community and raises awareness of civic responsibilities.
  • Build relationships with post secondary institutions, businesses, and industry to create and sustain programs that prepare students to excel beyond high school.


We believe that:

  • All students want to learn, are capable of learning, and share in the responsibility for their education. 
  • Contributing partners in the educational process include all district staff, students, families, and the community. 
  • Schools of excellence have effective educational leaders. 
  • Educators must be knowledgeable and current in their profession, discipline, and pedagogy. 
  • It is important for each member of the educational community to recognize and respect all forms of diversity.  
  • Effective schools are built upon integrity and foster respectful, inclusive, and dynamic environments. 
  • Responsive schools take a leading role in promoting safety and wellness. 
  • Fiscal decisions must effectively balance the educational needs of the students and resources of the community. 


People: Diversity of thought, background, and beliefs

Habits for Success: Persistence and resilience

Learning Skills: Communication and collaboration; creativity and innovation; critical thinking and problem solving

Core Values

Respect: Valuing self and othersCaring for one’s environmentPride in positive actions

Responsibility: AccountabilityTaking ownership in what you do Listening and following through

Integrity: Doing the right thing (even when no one is watching)Honest with self and othersTrustworthy in thoughts, words, and actions


Goal 1: Learning

The Fox Chapel Area School District will provide a curriculum and extra curricular opportunities that foster academic growth and personal development. 

  1. *STEMM Integration
  2. *Virtual Experiences
  3. *Curriculum Review and Revision
  4. *Build Leadership Capacity to Enhance Instructional Practices 
  5. *Expanded Use of DI Principles and Practices In All Classrooms 
  6. Provide opportunities through extra curricular activities to develop leadership and collaboration skills
  7. Provide cyber safety education for all students.

Goal 2: Achievement

More than 90% of the students enrolled in the FCASD will reach the proficient or advanced level in reading, math, science, and writing.

  1. *Refine curriculum and provide opportunities based on the PA Common Core Standards and K-12 Science Education Framework that will foster academic growth for all students.
  2. Use data to personalize learning based on students’ strengths and needs.

Goal 3: Safety Nets

FCASD will ensure each student’s needs are identified early and supported by a process that provides the necessary interventions.

  1. *Identify students at risk using data sources
  2. *Determine appropriate intervention (RtII and SST)
  3. *Continue implementation of Positive Behavior Support that is schoolwide.

Goal 4: Communications

Celebrate the school district, students, teachers, and activities and provide opportunities for the public to share in learning.

  1. Utilize social media
  2. Provide timely, respectful, and effective communication between all stakeholders.
  3. Teacher, student, administrator, and staff showcase of best practices and leadership via the web, professional development, and conference presentations. 
  4. Sharing academic opportunities beyond FCASD. 

Goal 5: Resource Management

The district will take the lead in creative resource management to address the financial crisis facing public schools across the commonwealth.

  1. Develop Innovative Strategies to Reduce The Costs of Operation and Improve Efficiency and Sustainability