Who Are We

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Get to know the FC Library Staff 

Meet Margaret
Margaret is a senior and one of our QRT veterans.  Although Margaret likes a lot of things, her dislikes vary from sci fi (understandable) to Nancy Drew (wait what?). She finds the young detective obnoxious and raises the profound question, “what does she even do?” Mrs. Ryan’s theory is that Margaret’s just jealous that Nancy gets to drive around in that zippy little convertible. Moving on. Margaret also scoffs at all time travel plots which are obviously the mark of a desperate author. She does however like Stephen King while Sarah Dessen-esque books are her guilty pleasure (She’s been with us for years, remember? We had no choice but to keep her in our QRT).

Meet Flora
Flora is one of our resident artists who always helps with library displays, which might have something to do with that time she jetted off to Paris. She generally thinks that all books are special in their own way but when pushed will admit that she strongly dislikes unnecessary sequels (Cursed Child, anyone?) and books that try too hard to be literary. Her hobbies also include studying for AP Gov. In fact she was too busy doing actual schoolwork to continue with this interview. So that will be all.

Meet Trevor
Trevor was the sole boy in the library QRT for several years, which raised the question, “How did he do it?” Luckily for him, Trevor is an avid reader. Some of his favorites include the Lord of the Rings series and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. If he’s not at crew or somewhere cool like Germany, you can find him fretting over physics, reading impressively large books, or rolling his eyes during QRT. Though he might take an unnecessarily long amount of time to finish his book reviews (Has he ever actually written a book review? We’re not so sure…), Trev-dog is a crucial part of the QRT, and it wouldn’t be the same without him.

Meet Cara
Cara was a questionable addition to the QRT.  After all, she hasn’t even read Harry Potter.  However, her love of dystopian fiction and any story that pulls at the heartstrings does provide her with some redemption.  What she lacks in her artistic ability and lackluster book displays, she makes up for in her cleverly worded blog posts and book reviews.  When she isn’t complaining about crew or having to be awake, you can find her stressing over English essays or struggling to come up with a title for one of her short stories.  Maybe Cara isn’t such a bad addition to our QRT after all.

Meet Ian
Ian joined the QRT in order to save Trevor from a QRT full of girls.  Despite not knowing the difference between Mrs. Ward and Mrs. Ryan (because they look sooo alike), we let him join the literary circle anyway.  Our resident expert on all things Singapore, Ian was to establish the validity of Crazy Rich Asians and make us all super jealous of his trips there.  During mornings when he is not in the library, you can find Ian at early morning swim practice or fretting over an upcoming calculus exam.  His lack of knowledge regarding library info and procedure don’t necessarily make him to most helpful (he’ll figure it out eventually), but his biting sarcasm and love of reading make him a great addition to the library QRT.  

Meet Hazel
Honestly, Hazel’s just glad she’s not the youngest anymore. As a star student and a book lover, she fits right in with the library setting. Though she struggles to choose a favorite author, Hazel likes both sci-fi and fantasy. In fact, you can often find her sitting comfortably in the library workroom reading or studying. Be careful not to mistake Hazel’s quiet nature- she is one opinionated reader who doesn’t hesitate to share her opinions. When asked about her attitude towards romance novels, she aggressively answered “oh no”, even as Margaret hesitantly admitted that they’re her guilty pleasure. She’s also never read Nancy Drew, though that might just be to keep Margaret from attacking her (What could you possibly have against Nancy?).

Meet Natalka
Newly crowned the youngest in the QRT, Natalka doesn’t let her age stop her from being one of the most contributive and enthusiastic members of the QRT. She actually does like Nancy Drew and was blindsided by the hatred as soon as she stepped into the library workroom. Though she looks like a pretentious white boy that’ll mansplain Salinger to you (think Timotheé Chalamet in Lady Bird), she loves well-written historical fiction and supernatural stories, as well as anything with a plucky group of morally gray protagonists that have a close bond. Natalka’s passion for reading and great literature makes her a perfect addition to our QRT.

Meet Mrs. Ward
Let’s set the record straight right off the bat- Our fearless Librarian, Mrs. Ward, does not like Hemmingway. Well, she doesn’t like adult literature in general, but I mean she really hates Hemmingway. You may therefore be surprised to hear that this nonfiction hating librarian was once an English teacher. But you will be less surprised to hear that her dog’s name is Atticus. Her kids are also named after characters in books (that she has never read). She claims when she was a teacher she was a mean one (perhaps the students triggered her fear of escalators), but she’s a pretty cool librarian.

Meet Mrs. Ryan
Mrs. Ryan is the only sophisticated reader among us. Fitzgerald and Salinger are on her list of favorite authors. She powered right through All the Light We Cannot See without so much as getting slowed down in the middle. Not even the unabridged version of Les Mis was a match for Mrs. Ryan. She can often be found flipping through Encyclopedias and rereading the Epic of Gilgamesh while sipping tea from one of her many fox mugs. Aside from successfully reading books that are single spaced, Mrs. Ryan takes pride in her collection of fox themed, well, everything. Mrs. Ward is trying to convince her to switch to panda collecting but that day will come when a lay person can give a summary of War and Peace without the help of sparknotes.