Parent and Student Rights

  • Special Education Services and Programs, Services for Gifted Students, and Services for Protected Handicapped Students Services for Pre-School Children

  • Services for School-Age Students with Disabilities

  • Protected Handicapped Students

  • Services for Students who are Mentally Gifted

  • Services for Students in Nonpublic Schools

  • Confidentiality of Student Records

  • Procedural Safeguards Notice

    The Procedural Safeguards Notice includes a full explanation of all of the rights available to parents of a child with a disability ages 3-21 when their child has been referred for or is receiving special education services. This model form provides a format that LEAs may choose to use to provide information about procedural safeguards to parents. This revised Procedural Safeguards Notice includes additional resources for parents in Appendix A. The revised form contains the footer “January 6, 2011.”


Special Education & Pupil Services Staff