Local Wage Taxes

  • Residents of the Fox Chapel Area School District may e-File local taxes online with Keystone Collections Group at www.keystonecollects.com.

    For current borough and real estate tax, please refer to the specific borough's contact. Deliquent taxes for all municipalies are handled by the deliquent tax contacts listed.

Borough and Real Estate Taxes

  • Aspinwall Borough

  • Blawnox Borough

  • Fox Chapel Borough

  • Indiana Township

  • O'Hara Township

  • Sharpsburg Borough

Tax Information

  • The Fox Chapel Area School District comprises six municipalities: Aspinwall, Blawnox, Fox Chapel, Indiana Township, O'Hara Township, and Sharpsburg. Of those six municipalities, four have elected tax collectors (Aspinwall, Blawnox, Indiana Township, and Sharpsburg). Jordan Tax Services handles billing and collections for both O'Hara Township and Fox Chapel. The district is currently under agreement with Jordan Tax Services through 2025. The four elected tax collectors follow elected term limits and are recognized by the board annually. There are resolutions in regard to compensation for these tax collectors. The current resolution runs through 2024-2025.
    School tax bills are mailed to residents every July 1. All taxes are generally due by November 30, including those paid via payment plans. There are discounts for tax bills paid within two months of invoice, and penalties are added if taxes are paid after four months of invoice. Tax collectors stop collecting at the end of December. The tax collectors "close their books" at that time and must turn over all reports and ledgers to the district, including all delinquent accounts. The district then "exonerates" the tax collectors from their duties for that tax year, and all of their delinquent rolls are turned over to PA Del Tax, effective January. The delinquent tax collector then assumes the task of seeking the tax payments on those accounts. The collector maintains those rolls for the period of one year (January through December). After one year, any accounts still delinquent are then turned over to the solicitor's office, which then proceeds with legal ramifications, such as sheriff's sales.

    Homestead / Farmstead Exemption

    Information regarding homestead/farmstead exemptions can be found here.

    To receive school property tax relief, an application for homestead or farmstead exclusion must be filed by the preceding March 1. School districts are required to notify homeowners by December 31 of each year if their property is not approved for the homestead or farmstead exclusion, or if their approval is due to expire. Fox Chapel Area School District submits notices to those properties through the Allegheny Intermediate Unit annually.

    PA Del Tax - Delinquent Tax Collector

    PA Del Tax was reappointed as the delinquent tax collector for the district. PA Del Tax handles all newly delinquent accounts. Continually delinquent accounts are handled by the solicitor's office.

Delinquent Taxes

  • Delinquent Real Estate and Interim Taxes

    PA Del Tax
    Cara Grebinoski
    1151 Freeport Road, Suite 271
    Pittsburgh, PA 15215
    Phone: (412) 781-3100
    Fax: (412) 781-0399

    Delinquent E.I.T./L.S.T. Wage Taxes

    Keystone Collections Group
    546 Wendel Road
    Irwin, PA 15642
    Phone: (724) 978-0300
    Fax: (724) 978-0339
    Website: www.keystonecollects.com

Phone Line

  • Keystone Collections Group provides a dedicated, toll­-free phone line for local tax inquiries.

    Keystone Collections Group help line information