• Fox Chapel Area High School Fab Lab

Fab Lab

  • Fox Chapel Area High School's Fab Lab serves approximately 1,300 students and the communities that comprise the Fox Chapel Area School District.

    A Fab Lab is a digital workshop equipped with fabrication machines, software, and tools. Cutting-edge technology and software for design and construction such as 3D printers, computer numerical control (CNC) routers, laser engravers and vinyl cutters allow students to create almost anything they can imagine.

    The Fox Chapel School District has embraced this emerging trend in education. With our cutting-edge Fab Lab complemented by the Mobile Fab Lab, students have the opportunity to discover, invent, and create while learning and working with others.

    The Fab Lab serves as a hub for the high school's technology education department, which offers courses in technology systems, materials processing, engineering, electronics, robotics and computer-aided design.