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    Fox Chapel Area School District School Resource Officers  

    Front: Officer Dennis Lynch, O'Hara Elementary; Officer Joseph Kozarian, school police chief; Officer Shannon Santucci-Davis, Hartwood Elementary; and Officer Stanley Bradish, Fox Chapel Area High School

    : Officer Tim Rush, Dorseyville Middle School; Safety Officer Joe Abbott, Fox Chapel Area High School; Officer Eric Valentine, Fairview Elementary School; Officer Scott Bailey, Kerr Elementary; and Officer Josh Dietz, Fox Chapel Area High School

Second-Semester Parking Permits

  • Second-semester parking permits will be available online starting December 6, 2021, through January 2, 2022. Permits cost $25 and will be valid for the first semester only.

    Rules and regulations can be found here. Please read and acknowledge the rules and regulations before requesting a permit. To request a permit, please visit https://fcasd.omnigo.one/CESIReportExec/opr/OPRMain.aspx?IsAuth=1&groupid=102&groupname=FOX+CHAPEL+AREA+SCHOOL+DISTRICT+PD. Directions on how to complete the process can be found here.

    We understand that this may be a challenging year for our students. We know that many of our high school students, as well as their parents and guardians, will want them to drive to school rather than utilize the school bus.

    As has been past practice, seniors will be given the first opportunity to secure a student parking space at the high school.

    Please keep in mind that filling out a request for a permit does not guarantee that one will be granted. Parents and guardians with questions are asked to call (412) 696-1424 or email fcparking@fcasd.edu.


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What Is A School Resource Officer?

  • According to the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO), the goals for a school resource officer to provide a safe learning environment and valuable resources to school staff members, foster positive relationships with youth, develop strategies to resolve problems affecting youths and protect all students, so that they can reach their fullest potentials. NASRO considers the three main roles of a school resource officer to be an educator, informal counselor/mentor, and a law enforcement officer.