Fox Chapel Area School District
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Elementary "Battle of the Books"

The Fox Chapel Area School District "Battle of the Books" Tournament will be held Wednesday, November 4, 2015. The annual tournament will feature fourth and fifth grade students from Fairview, Hartwood, Kerr, and O'Hara elementary schools in the Fox Chapel Area School District.

The tournament is the culmination of eight weeks of reading and studying books from a selected book list. The fourth and fifth grade students have formed teams and have been working with parent team managers to help prepare for the competition. During the competition, the students will answer questions about the books they have read. Students also will illustrate various books on poster board shields which will then be displayed around the auditorium during the tournament. A traveling trophy will be presented to the winning team and it will be kept in their school for the one year of victory and celebration. The winning team also gets a plaque engraved with the team and students' names on it which is displayed in the winners' school.

The tournament will be held in the O'Hara Elementary School auditorium November 4 and begins at 7 p.m. The event is free and the public is invited to attend. O'Hara Elementary School is located 115 Cabin Lane in O'Hara Township.

The tournament is sponsored by the elementary library department of the Fox Chapel Area Schools. The Fox Chapel Area elementary librarians are: Karen Fornari, Kirsten Moller, Lynne Orsega, and Jasmine Precopio.