2015-2016 Student Meal Prices

Student meal prices in the Fox Chapel Area School District for the 2015-2016 school year will be as follows:

•Lunch for secondary students will be $2.60 daily and lunch for elementary students will be $2.30 daily. This reflects a 25 cents per day increase in the prices of secondary lunches and a 10 cents per day increase in the prices of elementary lunches. A five cents per day discount will continue to be offered with the purchase of a weekly lunch ticket. Students eligible for a reduced-priced lunch will continue to pay 40 cents daily at both the elementary and secondary levels.

•Breakfast for elementary and secondary students will continue to be $1.25 daily. There will be no increase in the price of breakfast. Students eligible for a reduced-price breakfast will continue to pay 30 cents daily.

•The price of milk will remain at 50 cents daily. There is no increase in the price of milk.

The Fox Chapel Area Board of School Directors approved the 2015-2016 school year meal prices at its June 15, 2015, regular business meeting.