Fox Chapel Area School District
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Vote Football Game as Game of the Week!

Please vote for the football Game of the Week as part of the Y108 Boys of Fall: Fox Chapel Area High School Foxes vs. the Butler Area High School Golden Tornadoes.

Voting opens at 8 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 11 and runs through 9 p.m. on Thursday October 16. You may vote as often as you like. But please read information below.


From Y108: There is no limit to the number of votes you can cast, however, after an excessive number votes from the same source/IP address, the polling tool may lockout for a period of time. This is put in place by the company that built the polling tool as a spam preventative measure. For example, if a large number of people from your school are voting using the school's internet connection, a lockout could occur. We suggest you spread out the voting and encourage voting from as many different people and locations as you can. While it's not a guarantee that a temporary lockout will not happen, it does get more people involved, spreads school spirit and makes the program more fun for everyone involved.