Fox Chapel Area School District
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Author/Storyteller to Visit Fox Chapel Area Elementary Schools

Author and professional storyteller Christine Petrell Kallevig will be visiting with Fox Chapel Area elementary school students in kindergarten-grade five December 4, 5, and 6, 2018. Kallevig will visit with Fairview Elementary students the morning of December 4 and with Hartwood Elementary students the afternoon of December 4. She will visit with O’Hara Elementary students on December 5, and with Kerr Elementary students in the morning on December 6.

Kallevig specializes in a technique that blends storytelling and origami that is known as “Storigami.” During her visit, she will read several short origami stories and fold giant-sized paper, using the paper to demonstrate the actions of the characters. According to her website, “Each fold illustrates an action or character from the story, so by the time the story is over, a surprise origami figure is magically created.”

Kallevig has written several books involving, using, and teaching origami. She is a teacher who has also written novels and short stories.