Fox Chapel Area School District
611 Field Club Road / Pittsburgh, PA 15238 / 412.963.9600

What's New for the 2016-2017 School Year

•The first day of school for students for the 2016-2017 school year is Tuesday, August 30, 2016.

•The projected enrollment for the 2016-2017 school year is 4,098 students.

•The district’s Web site is www.fcasd.edu. The district’s phone number is 412/963-9600.

•Student lunch prices in the Fox Chapel Area School District for the 2016-2017 school year will be $2.85 daily for secondary students and $2.55 daily for elementary students.

•The district has created a new computer science curriculum focused on three units of study: digital literacy, digital citizenship, and computational thinking. This approach infuses the maker concept (where student learn by doing), robotics, engineering, cyber safety, digital processing, and presenting components. Much of the curriculum integrates multiple content areas and embodies the foundations of project-based learning (where students demonstrate the mastery of a concept).

•The high school has a new track and a new turf field that was installed over the summer. A new track was also installed at Dorseyville Middle School over the summer

•The Fox Chapel Area High School construction/renovation project has been completed. The most recent and final phase to be completed is the new natatorium. It includes a new eight-lane pool, a new spectator area, and new locker rooms.

•Fairview & O’Hara elementary schools are getting new roofs installed which should be completed by the start of the school year.

•Construction work is slated to begin on Dorseyville Middle School at the beginning of the school year. The building will be getting new and/or updated HVAC, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems in the phased renovations that are scheduled to continue throughout the school year. Scheduled renovations will also include a new front office area, upgrades to the library and art classrooms, and a new makerspace area adjacent to the library where students will learn by doing.

•The high school will upgrade their computer cart technology with 560 Chromebook (computer) devices. These carts travel around the building and are used by teachers so that students have access to additional technological resources in the classrooms.

•The elementary curriculum for gifted and talented students has been revised for the 2016-2017 school year. The curriculum has been redesigned to give students more holistic, cross-curricular, and meaningful real-world experiences. The curriculum now includes capstone experiences, interdisciplinary projects designed to encourage students to think critically, solve challenging problems, and develop 21st century skills. These skills include thinking flexibly, creating and innovating, persisting, and working collaboratively.

•Fox Chapel Area High School Algebra students will experience a new course called “Math Lab” where instruction will focus on the application of algebraic concepts in real-life contexts. Students will engage in the standards of mathematical practice from the PA Core Standards as a way to help them develop deeper mathematical thinking skills.

•The elementary computer science team will embark on using digital badging or microcredentialling this year. This learning evaluation tool tethers student learning in computational thinking to microcredentials, or digital badges. Students demonstrate learning by publishing various projects which result in the attainment of a badge. For instance, in fourth grade students will have the opportunity to earn the “Code to Create” badge which then affords them the opportunity to have programmers from Google, Schell Games, Pittsburgh International Game Developers Association, and Carnegie Mellon University play the student-developed games and provide feedback. Fox Chapel Area School District was included on a short list of national leaders in computer science by the White House.

•Dorseyville Middle School has received a grant for students and educators to create a stationary and mobile makerspace. The “maker” concept utilizes design-thinking and iterative processes to engage students in authentic assessments of learning. While the stationary space will not be complete until next summer, mobile carts will be active throughout the school year and various learning activities will be designed and implemented related to maker-centered learning. Fox Chapel Area School District was recently included on a short list of national leaders in maker education and pedagogy by the White House.

•The district will partner with KDKA as a school district lead in Girls Rock STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) in an effort to increase female representation in STEM fields.

•The district will partner with researchers and technologists from Carnegie Mellon University and Penn State University to infuse cutting-edge technology and research computational thinking.

•As a leader in instructional expertise, the district will offer regional professional development led by administrators, teachers, and students in the areas of literacy, digital fabrication, project-based learning, computational thinking, innovative practices, and leadership.

•Timothy Schilcher has been named the new strength and conditioning head coach for all student athletes participating in interscholastic sports at Fox Chapel Area High School. Schilcher will work with the members of all high school teams to improve their overall fitness levels and extend their scope of workouts beyond the weight room. One of Mr. Schilcher’s primary objectives is to help athletes reduce preventable injuries and increase their performance levels. Fox Chapel Area is one of only two high schools in the area to offer this type of comprehensive training program to all student athletes.

•Indoor track, now a PIAA sanctioned interscholastic sport, will be offered to all Fox Chapel Area High School students during the 2016-2017 winter sports season.