STEMM Testimonials

"... I am going to a 7 year accelerated BS/MD program with Rutgers New Jersey Medical School! Thank you so much for providing me resources at the STEMM academy last summer to develop my interest in medicine." Jasmine Mahajan, Student 2015

"Thanks so much for giving me so many opportunities through Stemm, I feel like I have learned many new and valuable things that will benefit me in the future."
-Grace Katz, Student 2016


Students were asked to complete a survey on the last day of STEMM. Answers were allowed to be anonymous. Here are some of the responses:

In what ways did the STEMM Academy help in your career exploration efforts?

"There were career options I didn't even know existed."

"I loved each and every experience I had in the field."

"The academy helped me to gain experience and learn the skills employers are looking for. It also provided the opportunity to make connections that will assist me in the future."

"It opened up my mind and options."

"I already had an interest in pathology, but the day with Dr. Wecht made me think about it as a career."

"It got me thinking about different career areas."

"It closed some doors and opened others."

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