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Our Online Learning Vision:

To extend educational services with anytime, anyplace learning through a variety of online instructional options and flexible scheduling for the district's current and externally enrolled students.

Fox Chapel Area School District embraces anytime, anyplace learning. Our cyber school program, with FCAO-Cyber and FCAO-Blended courses, can meet the needs of our online learners. Students are now able to attend cyber school in the district and meet their unique needs through 100% online cyber courses and for high school students, blended courses. 

Cyber Courses are completed in a 100% online environment. If a student opts to be 100% cyber, they still enjoy the benefits of Fox Chapel Area teachers facilitating courses, a Fox Chapel Area school counselor to guide them through high school and the college application process, on campus access for assistance with courses, clubs, and social activities, and a Fox Chapel Area diploma. For a listing of cyber courses, click here.

Fox Chapel Area has chosen Edgenuity as it's online course provider.   The courses area NCAA approved and they meet the Fox Chapel Area standards for excellence. We also offer some online courses that are designed and taught by Fox Chapel Area High School teachers (high school level elective courses only). These courses have the same academic rigor as traditional Fox Chapel Area courses but are delivered online. These courses may be taken in lieu of an Edgenuity course. You can find a listing of all FCAO courses designed by FC teachers in the downloads section of this site.

In order to meet the needs of all students, we offer Flex Scheduling. High school students may opt to take a combination of blended and/or cyber, along with traditional in-school courses. With this flexible scheduling, students can elect to spend a portion of their day physically attending classes with their peers while completing other blended or cyber classes online through FCAO. Students must continue to be enrolled in a full course load.

Scheduling options for FCAO Flex students at Fox Chapel Area High School:

  • First Period Option:On campus 2nd period through 4th period and 1st period course is completed online away from the school environment.
  • Fourth Period Option:On campus 1st period through 3rd period and 4th period course is completed online away from the school environment.
  • Fifth Period Option:Students take an additional course beyond their four-period daily schedule; it is completed outside the school environment.

Note: Students selecting flex scheduling are expected to have ready access to a computer with reliable high-speed Internet access. Instructors will provide details regarding speciļ¬c system requirements for their classes. The district will provide a computer, if needed, to full-time cyber students.

The Fox Chapel Area Online (FCAO) program is available for residents of the Fox Chapel Area School District. To register your child in the district, click here for all forms needed, then select Registration Forms. All forms are in one downloadable pdf file.

For more information on any of our online programs, please contact Ms. Randi Leonard @ 412 967-4417 or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



FCAO Student workingIs online learning right for you? Take this simple quiz to help you decide if you have what it takes to be a successful online learner, or to learn about what it takes to be one. The results do not determine whether or not you can enroll, but it is a good evaluative tool and it will help you to make the right choice. Here is the link: Online Learning Quiz